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Let Them Know about Rape

Rape education should be brought into middle schools and high schools. We need to teach kids how to prevent being raped and how to deal with it. 13% of victims commit suicide. Don't let a loved one become one of them.

Dear president,

Rape is a big problem

This problem is bigger than our eye can see

This problem isn’t between just you and me

But it’s between everybody

Because rape is a mistake from humanity

We made this mistake together

Me and you didn’t rape anyone

But we have done nothing to stop it

So this is my attempt to stop it

Now take your part and put rape education into schools

Doing nothing is just as wrong

Doing nothing makes America look like a fool

If your daughter was raped you would be furious

But you did nothing to stop it

So you are to blame too

Rape education can save a life

Rape means nothing to you now

But what if you found out it happened

to your daughter or wife

So this problem is bigger than you might think

1,871 women are raped every day

According to an article called “listen”

You should listen to these facts 

1.3 women are raped every minute

That means any minute a loved one of yours

Could be raped

Only 16% of rapes are reported to the police

I’m not done yet, just listen to me

33% of rape victims have suicidal thoughts


Take the 13% of victims into consideration

The 13% of victims who commit suicide after being raped

This 13% will be on YOU

Because you didn’t want to help

You could’ve saved their lives with rape education

Rape education could’ve helped them not be a victim

Or just cope with it

What if your daughter killed herself because she felt

Like she wasn’t loved

These victims feel like it’s their fault and they aren’t


You love your daughter and so many others do too

She didn’t know because she didn’t learn

How to cope with being a victim

What if you were raped

Would you want to know how to cope with it

Because people do love these victims

They are worth something

They do mean the world to someone

Save them before it’s too late

If you don’t want to help all these people

Do it for your daughter




Or just yourself

But you’re not in school anymore?

Maybe someone who took rape education

Could save your life

You could’ve saved my sister from being a victim

Because she was raped

She has to live every day remembering

What happened to her

She is also one of those 84% of victims who didn’t

Report it

We are taught about gun violence

Safe sex

Drugs and alcohol

And we aren’t being taught about raped

You can’t ignore this problem

This is real

You must not care about these victims or the

Future victims

Because if you truly cared you would do


So many people hate themselves because of being raped

They shouldn’t but they do

They need help and no is trying to help them

You have so much power you can change this

You have so much money

I would give everything I have because the victims

Have less than nothing when they become a victim

If you care for this country and truly love it because

These victims are part of it

They are humans just like everyone else so why

Should they be treated like this and have no help

You tell someone’s child they are alive because their mom

Was raped


Because rape should stand out and everyone should

Be aware of the signs of a rapist and how to cope

With being a victim if it does happen

My sister asked to have food

My sister asked to have a phone

My sister asked to go to school

My sister asked to hang out with her friends

My sister did not ask to be raped and violated by anyone

We need to put


Into middle schools and high schools

 Help now,


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