Lily M. Missouri

Make America Great again

10/20/2016 Dear Future President, 1 out of every 6th american woman has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime, in other words 17.7 million women, of every age. And everyone is blind when it comes to rape and rape culture. A big part of this huge problem is that we promote rape culture to children at a young age, without even meaning to, for example, the saying ´Boys will be boys” is telling us that we can excuse their bad behavior because they are boys, they were born wild, instead we should be teaching them that they will have consequences for their actions. We live in a society that says ¨Don't get raped¨ instead of ¨Don't rape¨. If it was the victim's fault that they got raped because of their revealing clothing then rape stats would go up during the summer, but they don't. Some songs we listen promote rape culture and objectivism towards women. If rape was because someone has a lot of sex or is a sexual person then virgins wouldn't get raped, but they do. If rape was because someone drank too much then sober people wouldn't get raped, but they do. If you rape, it doesn't matter if you have a problematic life, or have a promising future. You raped someone, therefore, you are a rapist. We need to stop normalizing rape culture. Let people walk freely at night without the fear of something tragic happening to them, let people wear clothes that are comfortable to them without the fear of being harassed, let people drink without the fear of being drugged or sexually assaulted. Let us live freely. Stop rape now, no means no.

Camdenton Middle School

Journalism ACI

An area of career interest class in which students research a variety of small and large scale news stories and write their own news articles. These articles are then published in the local newspaper, The Lake Sun. Students are also beginning to create news broadcasts of their stories to send to our local PBS station.

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