Murray H. Michigan

Gun Control

Why guns should be allowed...

Dear next president

There is an issue I would like to address: It is gun control. Gun control is a big issue because there are people that enjoy gun sports and some enjoy hunting and there are some that do not want guns at all. There should be requirements and people should be able to have guns for safety and hunting.

It's the second amendment! Because guns don't kill people kill people with guns, it's not the guns decision to kill someone. So I think the requirements should be #1. Person must have taken hunter safety and passed or another form of weapons education #2. Have a license or tag for hunting if he or she is going to hunt #3. And if you have a concealed weapon, you must have taken the concealed weapons course, shot a gun, and have a permit.

It starts because of all the of all the video games with violence because they teach younger children that harming others is okay.  Hunting is a fun sport and that people should embrace it but also be safe at the same time. There are more people enjoying hunting and gun sports than people who don't want guns at all.

There are¨100,000 people that die a year because of shootings and there are 13 million gun owners in the united states who don't even want to harm anyone¨. There are so many people out there that love hunting.  They don't want to harm anyone.  They just want to enjoy hunting, sport shooting, and just want to feel safe when they walk outdoors. Also, if guns are taken away, we will have no protection from wild animals or even other people because there are people that don't even need a gun to harm anyone.

¨Because there has been more unarmed robberies in 2016 than shootings in the last two years so we need protection from them because even know they may not have a gun that does not mean they aren't dangerous". That is why guns are such a big deal.


Murrey H.

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