Alex J. Louisiana

Rape Laws and Sexual Harassment

The United States' laws on rape and sexual harassment are not being strictly enforced. Instead of victims feeling safe, they are questioned.

Dear Future President:

The United States depends on you to help steer our future in the right direction. One specific issue that needs assistance is the prevention of rape and sexual harassment.

America is ranked thirteenth in the world for reported rapes. It is very disturbing that a country so developed cannot comprehend the clear concept of ‘no.’ Rape victims are shamed and questioned by intolerant minds about what they were wearing and how much they drank yet this is not the problem. The only cause of rape is rapists. Every two minutes, someone is sexually assaulted possibly causing them post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and eating disorders along with numerous other possible side effects for the rest of their life. Helping to prevent rape and other sexual assaults can prevent future mental health problems of American citizens.

Three thousand two hundred women are impregnated against their will each year. “In a majority of states, attackers are afforded the same rights as other fathers” (The Atlantic). Meaning, in 31 states, rapists can sue for custody or visitation over the child. Fifty-four percent of rapes are not reported which proves that the United States is not doing enough to make victims feel safe to report the occurrence.

In 2014, 18,900 rapes were reported in the military by men and women. Even though there are around 200,000 women compared to 1.2 million men, women are still the greater proportion of sexual assaults. Victims can feel afraid to speak up because of the harsh environment, but if these people are fighting for our country, the government should be trying as hard as they can to be sure they feel safe while off the battlefield.

Ages twelve to thirty-four are at the highest risk for sexual assault. Our culture teaches young girls to cover up their bodies to be sure no one will consider them ‘provocative’ or ‘flirtatious.’ But considering eighty-two percent of juvenile rape victims are female, I think we should start teaching society to stop sexualizing young girls’ bodies, and just the female body in general.

Victims are in no way responsible for their rape, as much as our society likes to try to convince them. Rape is rape, and it is wrong and cannot be justified.


Alex Johnson

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