Annjulie M. New York

The Future of our Nation

Protecting the young women of our nation is essential to the wellness of this country.

Dear President,

Because you are now the leader of the United States, one of your many responsibilities is listening to the needs of the nation. A common issue in the United States is teen pregnancy. 3 in 10 American teenage girls get pregnant every year.  1 in 10 American teens get an abortion every year because they do not have the support to raise a child. Teen pregnancy is like a child raising a child.  Without guidance, the young women of America will walk through the journey of parenthood confused and with a feeling of loneliness.   This is why we need programs like Planned Parenthood to be a helping hand to young women that will bring our future leaders into the world as our next generation.

Providing the appropriate funding for Planned Parenthood can help prevent the young women of this nation from feeling like they are alone and isolated.  Planned Parenthood provides information about sex, medical attention and birth control to women who want to limit their chances of having an unwanted pregnancy. Without the certain amount of funds needed to run their programs effectively, doctors can not medicate their patients.  Teenage girls who do not want to get pregnant cannot seek the support or the preventative measures necessary if these programs are not properly funded.  Many clinics may also be shut down if funding sources from the government are limited. Is this what you want for the women of this nation?  Believe me, President, by funding Planned Parenthood, you would be assisting thousands of Americans and future Americans by protecting their rights to choose.

Thank you,

Annjulie Martinez   

Repertory Company High School

Period 4

Letters to our Future President

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