Jae C. New York

Preserving our home

Effects of Global warming.

Dear Mr. or Madam President.  

Over the course of my adolescence i myself as well as many of of my peers have seen an alarming change in the climate. Winters have become shorter, summers have become drastically warmer and the weather is just off pudding! And yes i understand that i am in no valid  position  to say that there really is something wrong but it is truly undeniable that these are the effects of global warming. 

Global warming  has been an ongoing issue since the late 1850s. The issue was only truly recognized in the 1900s when environmentalist began to see the effects of this through the melting of the polar ice caps. For decades politicians have not recognized global warming as an issue and even addressed it to the public as something else. With the world getting warmer, the melting of ice sheets in the arctic has increased which directly leads to the rise of sea levels. If global warming is not being combated now in a couple decades we can expect cities like New York City to be completely submerged in water.  Environmentalist also suggest that if global warming is not addressed soon,  the weather will begin to drastically change and endanger the lives of many human beings. In order to combat such an issue i believe that new law and tighter regulations should be implemented. 

It is our duty as global citizens to take action and solve the issue before its too late. Sea levels are rising and the climate is drastically changing. Implement tighter rules and regulations regarding global warming and perhaps switch to more energy efficient methods which do not contribute to Global warming such as wind energy and solar energy. This is effecting us much sooner than we think. Polar bears are beginning to go extinct because sea levels have began rising. Before we know it cities will be flooded and the lives of human beings will soon be endangered as well. 


Jae Cheong 

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 2nd Period

East-West School of International Studies 12th Grade Government Class

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