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A teens opinion on the how America today treats the LGBT community

Dear Mr. President,

I have some concerns on issues within the LGBT community. LGBT needs to be addressed because America has been mistreating them -- calling them a disgrace, or worse. Now that you, Mr. Trump, are president, I know you are anti - LGBT. Our whole country has an estimate about 9 million American LGBT”s. That’s 3.8% of our population! In the end, they are humans too, they should be able to feel safe where they live and be proud of who they choose to be no matter if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

Hillary is fighting hard for the LGBT community. She states, ”There are still too many places where lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans are targeted for harassment and violence. There are still too many young people out there feeling hopeless and alone.” (Hillary Clinton, According to The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, there is approximately 9 million LGBT people in USA today. 3.8% of our population are being judged and disgraced for loving the same sex or transgender. If we had Hillary as president, she would make the LGBT community have equal rights and have ability to marry the same sex. She will have transgenders feel safe again in order for them to be proud of who they choose to be.

On the other hand, you, Mr. Trump have been a constant opponent against equality for the rights of the LGBT community. What will you do to support the LGBTQ community?

LGBT’s haven’t been safe as recently as this year. One of the most popular incidences from an anti - LGBT would be the Orlando shooting. According to CNN News, in the Orlando shooting, 49 people were killed and wounded 59 others. This is the biggest occurring terror attack since 9/11. It took place on June 12, 2016 and the suspect was named, Omar Mateen. Omar was christian and had a hate for people that were LGBT. His wife on according to CNN News, says that he was bipolar and was probably

In the end, I believe that Hillary will be a better fit for the LGBT community because we need equality in America. LGBT’s should be able to feel safe in their bodies and who they love. We are a free country, and LGBT’s should be free to choose what they want to do. It’s their lives and their bodies. Hillary will be supporting them and make them have equal rights; now that you are  elected, Mr.  Trump, will you make the LGBT community safe again?


Alana Washington, Lobo School of Innovation, San Jose, California

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