Admaris New York

American Citizens Need Jobs

How can we fix the employment crisis in the United States?

Dear President,

Today, I believe jobs are one of the most significant issues in the United States. Many people are unemployed due to the fact that their college degree is not even enough to gain employment. Today, some 48 percent of college-educated men and women have jobs such as bank tellers, waiters, taxi drivers, and coffee baristas because they are unable to seek jobs in the field in which they attended college. These kinds of jobs do not even require the skills or knowledge acquired when earning an undergraduate degree. President, it is going to keep getting worse if these issues are not addressed.  Beginning in 1970s, the United States realized that they would need to improve the current systems of employment in the United States. I believe the time has come to improve the job systems by reestablishing a free market economy which will let small businesses compete and help meet consumer needs. Because of this system, 65 percent more jobs can be created which will employ many people that are currenlty unemployed. With increased employment opportunity, this also means that more money will be given to the banks so they can lend more money to the people.  This can directly impact mortgage and other interest rates, causing business to expand and meet the increased demand. Soon companies will hire more employees whose income will rise allowing them to shop even more.  So, as our President, please consider this proposal and develop an effective plan to increase employment opportunities throughout the United States.


Admaris Torres  

Repertory Company High School

Period 5

Letters to our Future President

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