Lauren S. Ohio

Let Genders Be True- LGBT Rights

"Haha, GAAAYY!" How many times do you hear that in a day? Echoing down school halls, ringing out on streets, but do you pay any mind to it? Everyone being told that "this" is gay, "that" is lesbian and "Oh my goodness, she's a guy?!" These simple phrases that are said too often. Words can hurt, but people seem to have forgotten.

Dear Next President:

As a president, you have duties. Your duty to make sure the government is just, your duty to make the United States as best as can be given the circumstances. Included in these duties is passing laws. Would you, Mr/Mrs President, sign and approve a law creating all men and women equal? What about the transgender, bisexual, lesbian and gay communities? That’s what equality means. Equality of genders, beliefs, race and sexuality. How can we live in a “free country” when people are discriminated, slandered and bullied for being a certain gender or changing their gender.

People are staying “in the closet” because they are afraid. Afraid that they won’t be accepted, that they will be bullied, that no one will like them anymore. Fear is what keeps people from coming out of that “closet”. The United States can only truly be united when we can stand together, defend one another and accept each other. I’ve never heard of any army that won by pushing each other down and that is exactly what we are doing to each other. We are all just pushing each other down. Too many people are preoccupied with posting this, commenting that, pretending they “get it”, they don’t realize they are hurting friends, family and strangers.

Everyone was filled with sorrow when they heard about the Orlando LGBT Club shooting, but they are willing to label someone as “gay” without knowing their true sexuality or even batting an eye about it. Words like gay and lesbian have turned into insults, slanders, words that people don’t want to say in front of their own parents.

This year is a big year for the LGBT community. Caitlyn Jenner was the first openly transgender to be featured on the Sports Illustrated cover, Nike had their first ad that starred a transgender athlete and all these changes are for the better, but it’s still not enough. It won’t be enough until someone can come out as gay or transgender or anything and be accepted.

I may just be a 13 year old girl, but I have a voice and I want to be heard. The LGBT community needs to be treated with respect along with every single individual in this nation. I invite every lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual or discriminated person to speak out and speak loudly. You never know who might hear you.



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