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Take Action Against Global Warming to Save Our Planet

The planet Earth is threatened by global warming which is destroying not only our properties but also our lives. Taking action to fight this cause can save our planet.

Dear next President of the United States,

I, HC, from Brooklyn, would like to address to you the problem about global warming and its effects on our planet. The earth on which we all live in is in danger if we do not take the cause of the massive production of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. I believe that global warming is a big issue on our planet that we should try to resolve because living things keep being affected by the hurricanes, migrations, floodings which can cause economic problems, death and also the disappearance of certain species.

As we have recently seen in the news, Hurricane Matthew has been killing hundreds of people and destroying houses in the Caribbean. Speaking of the United States, a lot of properties in the southern part of the country have been flooded and destroyed. All these events are a result of our planet warming up. According to Scott Gold from the Los Angeles Times, “The loss of even part of that ice would be felt across the planet. It could cause ocean levels to rise 4 feet. Rising oceans could cause big problems for people such as flooding and big storms. Slow down global warming and you slow the melting.” The good thing about this passage is it shows that we know what is causing all the destruction caused by the water, which is the ice from the glaciers melting because of global warming. That is a big step toward a solution. 

The next step we can take that all people who are aware of the danger of our planet can agree with is reduced pollution and carbon dioxide production. Furthermore, according to Mike Schneider, “Hurricane Matthew is a very big storm. It came close to Florida on Friday. It had howling wind and heavy rain. About 476,000 people lost power in their homes. Many people were told to leave to get away from the storm. Hurricane Matthew hit some countries in the Caribbean first. It killed about 280 people.” This passage elaborates all the casualties from the hurricane. That can affect the country's economy because all the destruction would have to be rebuilt and that costs a lot of money. It also affects people’s houses and families that are destroyed. Additionally, according to Posada-Swafford, “Hurricane Matthew’s last name might as well be Global Warming.” This third passage shows that the last Hurricane that hit us was linked to global warming. This is the issue that we all, as residents of the earth, should worry about. 

Global warming is a threat to our existence and I think that we are strong enough to make it stop. Moreover, according to Mark J. Perry and Michael E. Kraft, “The only answer is to use nuclear power much more than we do now. Nuclear power can give people all the electricity they need. It can also help stop global warming.” Scientists have now found the answer to reducing and eventually stop global warming. Things have been simplified for us to make a change. If more countries' leaders take action in their governments, that would make the process faster.

Obviously, we have scientific research and physical climate changes and disruptions that show us that something is changing in our environment and it is becoming threatening to us. Some solutions scientists have found are to use nuclear power instead of burning fuels which emit carbon dioxide. As the President of the United States, you can take action on this issue by making laws that could at least reduce burning fuel and use saving energy modes to use nuclear power.




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