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Universal Coverage In America

Not everyone in the United States who is a citizen has health care. United States appears to care less about health care than other countries. The costs are too high, but most important is that people are struggling to get health care in the first place.

Dear Next President,

Do you have health care? If you do, then you are a very lucky person. In the United States, there are still 33 million Americans, which is 10.4% of the U.S. population, who don’t have health care. ( ) .Furthermore, some of the health care isn’t effective enough like some of us can’t afford the medincine we need or a suitable doctor for our needs. Progress should be made on that issue and we should have exceeding and more suitable health care.

This issue is important to the U.S. citizens because having health care can help us when we need it the most. For example, getting sick is unexpected and everyone needs health care at one point in their life. Knowing that you have health care when you need it, can bring some worries about having health care if you desperately. People who don’t have health care will concern about it and will have pressure on them. It also might be unfair to the people who are a legal resident who don’t have health care because they have lived their whole life in their country and the people have been trying to get health care. If you think about it, it’s unfair to be living in you country and not having health care.

According to a website on health care, our country is the only wealthy enough and advanced enough nation to have universal coverage, and yet we don’t give everyone in the United America the health care they need. And as long as you are a resident or a citizen of your place, you have the right to have health care. Comparing to other countries, our country is coming up short to them because countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Costa Rica, Kyrgyzstan and Cuba who are still improving have universal coverage for their people. This can be a reminder to our country that we are an outlier among other countries have according to the link,

The parts of the map that are green shows that they have some sort of plan of universal health care plan.

The gray parts of the map show that they care less than other countries about their people’s health care(excluding the United States because the government focuses more on spending way more on health care for each person than most countries with universal coverage do)

The average level of health spending in the U.S. is very high and that spending on health per capita is greater than other OECD, except for Norway and the Neverlands. The quality of the health should also be effective,affordable and won’t lead the user to difficult, financial problems. (

It concerns me that not every citizen in the U.S. has health care because people who don’t have health care probably having difficult time dealing with medical problems. And the people who have health don’t necessarily need to care that much about having it. If our country has universal coverage then there will be one worry off the country’s list. And after we solve the health care problems, we can turn to the other big problems like safety issues and we can spent more money on those issues.

Please consider on having universal coverage instead of single-payer, which is where the government pays for health care instead of private insurers, for health care because not only that not a lot of people having the money to pay for the expensive health care, but people should have health care as a backup for medical problems in case it happens in an unexpected time. And if you have universal coverage, you will feel safer because it also provides financial protection. Thank you for reading!



NYC Lab Middle School

NYC Lab Middle School

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