Saba New York

End Islamophobia

Many Muslims are struggling in this country because they are treated unfairly. People think that they are violent but really we are not. Islam is just a religion like any other religion. Do NOT judge a book by its cover.

Dear President, 

I'm writing this letter that is full of hope because I believe that this country is where everyone has the freedom and the rights to follow what they believe. As it says in the Constitution, the First Amendment protects several basic freedoms in the United States, including freedom of religion and freedom of speech. But most Muslims do not have those rights because they are being called “terrorists” or part of ISIS. I know that many people are afraid because of 9/11 and that they want to stop the violence, but how will they do it if people have said hurtful things about Muslims? Could you, as the next President, please tell people that Muslims are not violent, and could you please work to end discrimination against Muslims?

Most Muslims do not feel safe in the community because there is a lot of bullying. Many Muslim students have said they are treated unfairly and they get bullied by other students at school because they are following Islam. The bullying makes them scared to even practice their religion. Zahra is 17 years old and she goes to school near Dallas, Texas. When she was in the seventh grade, she started wearing the hijab. But then her friends stop talking to her, and also they called her a "terrorist." Then she stopped wearing the hijab because she was afraid. I’m a Muslim girl, too, who came from Yemen. When I came to the U.S., I did not know anything, but then I went to school and I learned about different religions and beliefs all around the world, race and how to be empathic and to able to walk in other people's shoes. I realize that there are a lot of religions in this country and each person has their freedom to follow any religion that they want. Except us Muslim people.

And now I want YOU to try and give Muslim people their rights because Islam is just a religion like any other religion. People should try to walk in a Muslim's shoes to get to know them and to know who are the real ISIS. I want YOU to do like Obama when he visited the mosque to show that most Muslims are good people. Also as Bush told Americans to not turn against their Muslim neighbors. Most Muslims are good people. This is like what Obama is saying now.              


Saba Kader



Brooklyn International High School

BIHS Seniors 2016-17

Brooklyn International High School, in New York City, is a public school for recent immigrants to the U.S.

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