Nicholas R. Virginia

Adding another Education Route

Many Students are being suppressed in today's education system. Many students are not gifted in comprehension and understanding of high level classes. We need a route in high school that Students can choose to use in order to improve their skills with their hands rather than wasting time failing classes.

Dear Future President:

   Due to my experience as a high school student I have seen a major problem in our education system. I feel as if students are not prepared for life after graduation. Schools offer opportunities to obtain an education. Some people need a different type of education. In school you you focus on your core classes. I feel I do very well in them. Some students do not have the same luck as I do and do not understand the topics and have to work way harder and sometimes even that's not enough for them to pass the class. There is a student that lives in my neighborhood and is a great mechanic and loves to work on cars. He is not so good in school and struggles to get by. I feel instead of focusing on his core classes he should be taking Automotive classes and furthering his understanding of that subject.

   He and many others like him are forced to sit in a classroom and try to learn a subject that they do not understand. Instead they could be doing something constructive and bettering the lives of the American people around them. Just because someone doesn't understand a subject doesn't mean they're not intelligent it just means they think differently and should be given a different type of education. 

   My solution to this is a choice students can make when they enter high school. If their grades are to a point where they will most likely fail in high school or if they simply want a different type of education they can choose to go to a specialized school for their particular craft. Their are so many students with so much potential, but they are being guided in the wrong way. America's education system should be changed and offer various types of education.

          Sincerely, a well informed student wanting to make a difference.

Smithfield High School

SHS AP Lang Blocks 1 & 2

Smithfield High School, AP Language and Composition, 11th grade

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