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The Dwindling Economy

The Economic Crisis has spiraled way out of control, we are currently $19 trillion in long until it's too late to stop it? Is it already too late?

Dear Future President,

The United States has brought down its economy to that of a third world country; although, some may argue that America is already a third world country. America owes over $19 trillion, TRILLION, and it shows no sign of slowing. The American people are drowning in debt as they watch the country sink to the bottom. The Economic issue needs to be addressed more seriously and should be the number one priority. Taxation is most likely the key solution but you cannot tax the middle class, the higher classes need higher taxes to sustain the amount that the poor is being taxed.

The United States is being bullied in foreign trade and NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement, America is putting out more than what’s coming in. “We no longer manufacture what we need to sustain ourselves, we import much more than we export, and we are selling off our assets and taking on massive debts to sustain a standard of living we can no longer afford. Not only is this not the way America became a superpower but it is a sure way to lose this status.” (Economy in Crisis, Economic Solutions). The underlying question that remains is, ‘How do we fix it?’

According to workable economics, “In order for all the debt that’s used to create the money supply to be payable—even theoretically payable—all of the debt-created money has to be spent into the economy so it will be available for paying off debt. If that doesn’t happen then there will be a scarcity of money even if enough new loans are made to keep recreating the money that disappears when debt is paid off.” and according to Economy in crisis, “We must establish policies that prevent other countries from doing to us what they would never let us do to them. Specifically, We must halt the sale of key assets to foreign entities. We must also close opportunities for foreign corporations to compete unfairly against our home industries. We should move immediately to curb our out-of-control spending on unnecessary programs and initiatives that are being financed by foreign debt. We should look to the way other first world nations have established industrial superiority over us and try to copy their best policies. We should not allow individuals and companies to profit by selling out the United States.” The future of the United States of America, The Land of The Free, is in the hands of its people now. Our Economy is dwindling into a sudden spin to nowhere, this needs to be fixed now or there won’t be a future to save at all. Please, if you really care about this country and intend to run it, do all that you can to prevent an economic collapse.

With all do respect,


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