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injustice of the legal system in the United States

Dear Future President,

There are many problems in society today, whether it be societal, political, or educational. The issue that i have decided to talk about today is injustice in the legal system, a major problem that faces us today in the United States. yeah Injustice has been an issue in our country for as long as i can remember.

As citizens we like to tell ourselves that as a country we treat everyone as equals but sadly this is not the truth. Research has been conducted on courtroom decisions, that are subconsciously based off of person's background such as gender race or background.

One case that really encompasses this issues was that case of John Jerome White. It was a brutal rape case in 1976. The victim was brought to a line up of 5 men, and she picked out the man in the middles and he was scented and spent many decades locked up in prison. Finally the DNA from the case was tested and John was not a match. The actual offender was standing right next to him in the lineup, which demonstrates that people with good intentions can make terrible, terrible mistakes causing costly outcome.

Obama has even made comments about this situation. “Ever since I was a Senator, I’ve talked about how, in too many cases, our criminal justice system is a pipeline from underfunded schools to overcrowded jails.” This encompasses that the injustices are brought to the attention of the government.

I do believe that there are many solutions in today's age that contradict this issue. An option would be eliminating incarceration as a penalty for certain classes of low-level, nonviolent offenses,especially when these offenses are the result of mental illness, drug addiction or a first-time offense. We should strengthen our parole and probation systems so that those who genuinely pose public safety risks are monitored accordingly. This will ensure that the vast majority of those who pose little or no safety risks are not unnecessarily kept in or returned to prisons. Also, our criminal justice system must be evidence-based, meet clear performance measures, cost-benefit and racial impact analysis. Convening outside experts to examine our systems and creating a sentencing or criminal justice commission have proven effective in some states as a way to improve the system with deliberative input from key stakeholders.

After reviewing the issues of the unfair justice system that people experience in their everyday life, and have proposed several ways to address this issue, are able to conclude that equality in legal cases is a growing epidemic in America that needs to end. It is an unhealthy way to run our country making the future of America slowly deminish.

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