Zack H. Michigan

Military Spending

We're spending more on our military budget than the next 7 countries combined. Here is how we can stop it.

Dear Future President, 

My name is Zack, and I've been looking into our military budget. Did you know that 54% of our money goes into our military budget? Also did you know that is that is more than the next 7 countries combined? Do you know how much money we could put into Education, Science or even Healthcare if we would cut our military budget in half? 299 Billion dollars. We would still be number one in military budget.

According to the National Priorities Project, we account for over 34% of the world's military spending, That is a lot, and you can change it. Here's how. Cut it in half, stop wasting money for something we would don't need but put it in researching stuff for science, put it in education to give the children of America a better future, Put it in healthcare so we can help those that need it especially our veterans that gave everything to protect our country and we are just letting them live and die on the street, is that how we should treat someone that helped defend our country from the greatest evils we've encountered?