Brenna M. Michigan

Healthier School Lunches

As a student with no self control this topic has changes me, my life style, my style, and my happiness.

Dear Future President,

School lunches should be healthier and provide the right amounts of each food group a regular high schooler should eat. Many are overeating and gaining weight. Kids use their body weight against each other. Killing them and their self confidence. Let's make a difference.

Self control should be used but for most high schoolers can't control it and bad mistakes are made they usually end up regretting later on. Kids get carried away eating and don't realize how bad it is for them. An example is overeating. In 2015 13.9% of high school student were obese and an additional 16.0% were overweight according to This shows that self control is low and obesity is a problem. Let's make a difference.

The United States is the most obese country in North America with 35% of its population having a body max index of over 30.0. Nearly 13 million high schoolers in the United States deal with the health and emotional effects of obesity every day according to world This shows that obesity is starting to become the new normal when it is very unhealthy to be overweight. Let’s make a difference.

In this generation things seem to get done faster when there is a social icon trying to get there cause across. When Michelle Obama tried to even change school lunches she got booed at for trying to make a difference. She made the world know that she was about healthy living and, many did not approve. She even made a healthier school lunch program and many did not like because they didn't think it was much healthier. Now let's make a difference.

Making a little difference by changing teens school lunches healthier, could save kids lives mentally and physically. Speaking from experience I know peers will tear us apart by one little flaw we have. Little changes help. I'm not sure what to do to make a difference but i do know something needs to be done. An example maybe giving more vegetables and fruits than fatty foods in the lunch line. Now let's work together as one force a make a difference.


A concerned student

Northview High School

3rd Hour

Mrs. Pitt's 3rd hour 9th grade English students.

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