Rachel W. Michigan

The Fight For Equality Continues

A look Into The Transgender Issue

Dear Future President,

Emancipation and Women's Suffrage and Civil Rights and Gay Rights are all significant events in America's fight for equality. Transgender rights are no different from these past proceedings. As history shows minorities face oppression, and often have it worse than others. Allowing Transgender People to use the bathroom they identify with is the least we can do for them. Protection and anti-discriminatory laws are heavily needed since transgender people are at high risk of hate crimes, prostitution, suicide, and much more.

Only thirteen states, plus DC have passed anti-discriminatory laws for transgender people. North Carolina and the Justice Department have passed opposing bills on the Transgender Bathroom quarl. North Carolina has proposed that someone should not be able to use a bathroom that is not the same gender as on the birth certificate this does not protect transgender people. North Carolina Governor Mccrory said “This Government outreach is too much the States should be able to decide on this matter.”Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch.“This is about the dignity and respect we accord our fellow citizens and the laws that we, as a people and as a country, have enacted to protect them.” While this argument is going on major companies Paypal, and Germany company Deutsche have deserted their Business plans in North Carolina. Although the bills are on a standstill, This fight has just lit the fire. Ignorance is bliss right?

1% to .25% of the U.S population identify as transgender, queer, or non-binary. There are two main types of transgender MTF-Male to Female, and FTM- Female to male. The factors are fully against them making them more at risk than your average person. Three out of four transgender people experience sexual harassment, and 97% transgender people have been mistreated at work. The amount of opposition transgender people undergo in their day to day lives is astounding they just want to live their life but have to overcome so many obstacles to get there. Half of transgender people attempt suicide by the age of twenty. This shows preventive matters need to be taken to action. This is a life crisis.

At one forward thinking Kentucky high school they adopted a policy for their transgender peers. The policy entailed that transgender students could use the bathroom they identify with. The policy was fought with opposition from parents, and students. Two years later the people are more accepting at the school it has become just a regular policy put in place. One teen who was apprehensive at first says “It's not a big deal anymore at the end of the day. It's just a bathroom. They come in do their business and leave.”

History is repeating itself again, and again few people take notice. Bathroom policy that forces transgender students to use unisex bathrooms ostracizes transgender people making them easier targets for bullying. Transgender people are more inclined to experience sexual harassment, bullying, mistreatment, and being suicidal. Efforts to stop anti-discriminatory laws such as the North Carolina Governor contributes to the oppression of Transgender people . Transgender rights is a national life crisis. We need to put in place federal laws so that transgender people have fair and equal treatment in our country!




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