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Death Penalty

Death Penalty

Many criminals get far less punishment than they should. Jails and prisons are beyond packed and unsanitary due to the amount of inmates that are in them. If a criminal is sentenced to life for a capital crime there is no reason to keep them living the terrible life they would live in prison anyway. There should be a death penalty in every state.

Prisons are very unsanitary and packed. “An inspection of a controversial California prison revealed unsanitary conditions, from a lack of hot water and incorrect storage of raw food to rodent droppings, a state report shows.” If prisons are holding more inmates than necessary they get very packed, unsanitary, and spreads disease.

Murder rate decreases a lot by having the death penalty. “The Northeast region, which uses the death penalty the least, had the lowest murder rate of the 4 geographic regions, and saw a 6.4% further decrease in its murder rate in 2011.” Criminals fear their lives and are less likely to do the crimes if they know there will be a serious consequences.

If someone were to proven guilty of a capital crime after their trial, the death penalty should be considered. Prisons are so crowded with the amount of inmates there's no way they can hold people committing these terrible crimes anymore. “In the medical unit, where I am housed, every triple-tier bunk is taken and we literally have amputees and wheelchair-bound inmates sleeping on the floor for lack of bed space.” There's just no room.

The death penalty should be in every state. Prisons are too cramped, unsanitary and crime rates drop.