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Medical Expenses

As of 2015, there was a 13.5 % rate of poverty in America. Most of these people are born into this never ending cycle, or are placed harshly into it from medical expenses. What can we do to stop this?

As of 2015, there was a 13.5 % rate of poverty in America. Most of these people are born into this never ending cycle, or are placed harshly into it from medical expenses. From experience, I know that medical expenses can pile up, especially if you have something physically or mentally wrong. You cannot control being ill, however, I believe we can control the price!

On average, a yearly examination with your doctor can cost between $200 and $240 without insurance! With most insurances, with an exception to Tricare and Tricare Prime, the medical bill can cost up to $49 per visit, and that’s just for a physical check-up. Going to a psychiatrist once a month, without insurance can cost between $75 and $200 per hour! That can add up to either $900 or $2,400  for a year, or only 12 visits. People with the insurance, Medicare, have to pay a $10 to $20 copay  for a monthly visit and $120 or $240 for 12 visits. Now, let’s consider people who are physically ill. This could be people with cancer, diseases or irregular health conditions. What about them? They’re spending thousands of dollars on health care, when in reality a good ⅓ of them are going to end up dead. This is a horrifying truth, but it happens and these people leave their families with high medical bills and being in need of money. On the other side of the spectrum, ⅓ of the patients will end up in debt or other financial suffering. That means, when the patients go back to the hospital for follow-ups, monthly visits, or treatments, they won’t be able to afford what they need. Also, you can’t forget about the expenses for medicine. The easy fix to this would be to have everyone get insurance. But, if you're living off of whatever you can piece together, you can't afford it. You may also just think about lowering insurance prices but if you do that, then insurance companies won't pay as much for your medical expenses and the co-pay will skyrocket.

In order to have good physical health, you need to have good mental health. Physical health may cost a lot, but mental health can cost even more depending on how mentally ill someone is. How ill they are determines how many times they need to see a therapist, or what medications the person needs to take. Recently, my younger sister had to stay 8 days in Havenwyck, a mental hospital in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Each night it cost $350 if your insurance didn't cover it. Imagine if someone without health insurance had to stay in the hospital for a month. That's over $10,500! You can't control your chemical imbalances, so why pay extreme amounts for necessary help? Because these prices are so high most mentally ill people go without being diagnosed. This means they don't get the necessary help they need and causing these troubled people to commit actions that are wrong in the eyes of “normal” people, but right in theirs. I believe if someone has a health issue that could cause themselves, or other people harm, they should have free treatment. I strongly suggest that America have free help options to people who are in need of it, especially people who’re in poverty. It’s not fair to financially punish someone because they aren’t “right” by the typical standard and can’t afford it either.

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