Conor W. Michigan

Future President

Our future president needs to focus on our generation, because we will make the biggest difference!!

I feel that our future president needs to focus on our generation (Young People). One thing you need to improve in our community is the rights for children with disabilities. Some accommodations include making ramps for people in wheelchairs, giving hearing devices for people with hearing impairments and aiding people who have lost limbs. If you can get someone like me, an advocate for our youth to sponsor you. I’m sure many will follow you in your term as our world leader/dictator. You also need to focus on children with disabilities because they have faced the greatest fight and have scars to show for it. These are some reasons why we need to stop thinking about ourselves and need to start thinking of others. My closing remarks are the following, if you want to lead the U.S you need the help of young people and children/young adults with disabilities. 

 Thank You For Your Time.

Conor Waterman