Lacey K. Ohio


The LGBT community has been getting more hate and it needs to be stopped.

Dear Future President,

The LGBT community has been getting more and more hate over the past few years. Personally, I care because a lot of my friends are affected by this. People think that identifying as part of the LGBT community is wrong. You should want to stop the hateful things that are being said about the LGBT community. For example as I said before people think that being part of the LGBT community is wrong. This affects many people in the U.S., let alone the entire world. People are depending on you to make the right decisions. The LGBT community is being ignored by most people, proving that you need to make something happen about this issue.

This world has led to violence over the fact that people are gay. You need to be the one to step up and say something about it. As the president you should be able to say that these people cant just one day suddenly stop being gay. Just this last year gay marriage was LEGALIZED. The decision even encouraged more same-sex marriage. Many people even now support the LGBT community which used to have VERY little support. President Barack Obama even said that “Allowing gay couples to marry would even strengthen communities.” This happened because of your predecessor realizing that LGBT equality is a real issue that needed to be addressed. Future president people are counting on you to make things right in the world.

I want our world to be free of all of the judgement of who someone is. This issue was brought up as important as racial discrimination, and even women’s equality. People in this world today care deeply about getting rid of the LGBT hate. You need to take charge and let the people know that they are safe in your hands. President of the future read this letter and think to yourself what can I do to help this issue become less prominent? How can I stop some of the hate and violence?

Again, people can't just wake up one day and think to themselves I don't want to be gay anymore. It doesn't work like that, people don't change that quickly and sometimes they never change which you can't do anything about. People sit around and worry that they might get hurt today, just because they are gay. Honestly I think that it is stupid. You shouldn’t have to live in a country where the people worry that their life will end because they are gay. When you decided that you were going to run for president did it ever cross your mind that you might one day have to face the horrible things going on in this country directly.

Future President, you need to see that there needs to be change in this world. Start small, then work your way up to larger things like the LGBT community hate and violence. You can be the change in this world, and you are expected to help lead this world. You need to stand up and take that position. After all, you didn't sign up to be President so you could just sit around, right? Every day, people are being left out, made fun of, and even hurt or killed because they are gay. Do you really want that in YOUR country? How would it make you feel if you were gay and were kept from being president just because of that? Well, people are being turned away from jobs because they are gay. If you take control then we will have a better, safer America in the long run. This is therefore proving that something needs to be done about it. The future is in your hands, so make it a good one.


Lacey K.

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Brookville 8th Grade Students

8th grade students at Brookville Intermediate School have been studying issues that are important to them. They are posting their letters to the next president in order to have a voice in the upcoming election.

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