Leah B. Ohio

Too Much Terrorism

Have you ever asked these questions? Am I safe? Is there something to do to prevent it? When or can I stop worrying about terrorism? Well with a plan those thoughts can go away! People should not have to worry about something they can not control that's why they rely on you to save us.

Dear Next President:

Terrorism. The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. It can and does happen everywhere, in different countries, in different cities, in different town’s. It causes danger to many, many who don’t deserve, didn’t ask for it. Terrorism happens when the people are least prepared or least expecting it. So far our nation does not have a plan to fix or solve or help terrorism. So what can we do?

Terrorism can start wars which are no good for anyone, people can get hurt, people could die, and people could lose family. With a plan people could be ready to know what to do to stay safe and there would not be a need for war . Although nobody will know when the time comes the plan will still the number of people injured or dead. It seems to me that the more people who are or could and should be informed will and can be safe.

Most people want you make this country and the world a better place and can do that by managing or maintaining a plan for every important situation in this world. And lots of people have heard about the terrorist groups in different countries and are worried about what they could do to America and they are worried about being safe and wondering if they are safe. That's why making plans and staying organized and making certain protocol so people know what to do when a big incident/ scene happens.

Having all of these plans could make the world a better place because more people will know what to do when it comes crises and will be able to help others who are in need of help. Also with these plans the FBI, TTF, and the police will be able to focus more on the scene and who or what caused and be able to investigate and not have to worry about others because the people around them will know what to do. At the least those teams could send at least one person to help with the injured or those of which are in need.

Not having plans would be very hard for the others to do their job in hands of crisis, also that it would be very unorganized and messy. and if those who caused the terror will have more time to get away while the U.S people are still trying to figure out how it was caused and who caused it.

Therefore with plans the whole process will be easier and the police and the detectives would be able to find the terrorists faster. It will make sure that others will be able to be safe and there would be no more harm, it will also give you a stress free time in the house.



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