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How Gun Violence Can Change Starting With Me?

When you walk around in your neighborhood or city do you ever feel safe? Gun violence in America is starting to get out of hand and is taking over not only your cities but our neighborhoods. What will you do to stop this unnecessary act of violence?

Dear Next President:

Gun violence around the U.S. is starting to become a very large and well known issue of our society now which brings many dangers to our people. With guns being kept in people’s houses there can be more cases of fatal shootings that are unintentional or suicidal which leads innocent people getting injured. Many say that the guns they have possession of are only used for self defense but that is not always the case because you can never tell if the person owning the gun wants to misuse it. Even when the person has gun in their home using it as self defense still puts them at a greater risk of hurting a family member or themselves. Even though they have a greater chance of getting hurt if they have possession of a firearm it can result in a homicide.

Another problem with gun violence is that it can be introduced into a community and can cause developmental problems with families as well as kids at a young age which later can involve them with an act of gun violence. Although people affected with mental illnesses may do something like this the best way to prevent gun violence with them is to put them into programs that focus on this. Even though gun violence is not all due to mental illness these acts still happen around the U.S. especially with the amount of homicides increasing. This has grown due to disagreements over political debates on gun violence retaliations. A way we can stop gun violence is make early jumps on it with younger children and talk to them about gun violence and teaching them ways to resolve problems and issues without violence.

With many efforts of preventions on gun violence starting ever since 1980 only had one approach which wasn’t enough. Firearm intervention research is started to reduce the inheritance of illegal weapons but was the only way at the time with only a single approach. They then came up with an effective way with incorporating a program with federal-local law enforcement collaboration, community involvement, targeted intervention tactics and continuous program evaluation. This project ended up making neighborhoods safer and has kept them safe ever since then. Even though we have focused on keeping neighborhoods safe what about the cities?

In many cities strict gun laws are set on people who could be a potential threat to the city and makes it more difficult for them to obtain a weapon. When this is put into place it can reduce a majority of threats to cities and keep people safer but what about the black market for guns? Even if criminals attempt to buy weapons from the black market trafficking them back into the city will not be easy for them since neighboring states have strict gun laws making them harder to obtain. I hope that you understand my ideas of gun violence and how we can stop it.



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