Trenton C. Ohio

Gun Control

I believe that gun laws should not change.

Dear Mr.President:

I would like to address gun control laws. Mr. President, there is much controversy around this topic and nearly everyone has a stance on gun control laws. I am arguing against taking the guns away and putting stricter laws on them. But I am not against doing a thick background check.

In one study it states 93% of guns obtained used in crimes were obtained illegally. In another study it is shown that only 3% of crimes with guns were “legally” owned. Over 80% of crimes are committed by illegal guns. If any thing we need to make it harder to obtain illegal guns. Many gun owners stop crimes too. I believe this shows that it is not the guns the public owns legally. But the delinquents on the streets running around and shooting each other.

In the U.S.A. the suicide rate is increasing of 13.4% of people commit suicide out of 100,000 people. And only 6.7% are committed with a firearm. Now sir, suicide is a very touchy subject. The subject usually catches everyone's attention. Because the suicide epidemic is rising in the U.S.A. But it is not like someone is going to go buy a gun to kill themselves. It is something leading up to it. states that 90% of people who do end up commiting suicide they have a mental illness. In the U.S.A. it is looked down on to seek help. So instead of blaming guns for this which are only, 6.7% of the suicides a year, blame the U.S.A. for making people who need help feel as if the have nowhere to go, so the end their lives. I send much love to families and loved ones who have had someone near them commit suicide.

Mr.Trump, I believe you will do a fine job in office. I hope you understand my stance on gun control. I think you should keep the current laws. Do not take laws on guns to an extreme, but a deep background check is needed. No one needs a gun the day the go to the gun shop. The ones that do are the 3% of crimes committed with legally owned guns, the drug lords, gangs and killers. But we should not infringe the second amendment.


Trenton Collier