Sophia Ohio

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse in America does not benefit anyone,proving that drug abuse needs to be stopped and controlled.

Dear Future President,

While I may not know anything about politics, I do know drug abuse is a problem in America. Many people have died from drug abuse. While some drugs have helped people with medical conditions, I still believe drugs are a dangerous thing not to be taken lightly. In the past drugs were a problem and still are a problem for America. Drug abuse in America does not benefit anyone,proving that drug abuse needs to be stopped and controlled.

Drugs have played a huge role in my family. My aunt and cousin are both abusers of drugs. My other family members have had to take care of both of their children for basically as long as I have lived. My cousin who has two daughters was pregnant once and the baby didn’t survive after being born. My cousin and aunt have gone to rehab centers ,but then have relapsed shortly after leaving the rehab center. Now while my aunt has stop using drugs my cousin is another story. She has been getting in more trouble with the police and is still using drugs.

There are many effects from abusing drugs. Abusing drugs can lead to the users brain chemistry to change. Using drugs can harm your kidneys. Also, if your kidneys stop working you will die. Some drugs can cause the person using them to stop breathing. There were over five million emergency room visits that were all drug related in 2011.

Many solutions have come up about how to solve the drug problem. Some people have said to threaten the drug user with jail time if they didn’t complete the rehabilitative process. Another solution people have said are to give more funding for rehab centers. Others have said to just let them do whatever they want and let them die from the drugs which isn’t a healthy solution to the issue. We need a solution that can make a big impact and seem reasonable to everybody.

So it's on you Future President. You need to stop drug abuse in America or America will not be prosperous in the present and future. Will there be happy people not dying from drugs? Or will there be more people dying everyday from drug abuse? Drug abuse needs to be terminated because no one in the United States will gain something from drug abuse. This country’s well-being is in your hands Future President so take care of it wisely.