Jenna F. Ohio

The drinking age should be raised!

Underage drinking is dangerous and can cause terrible accidents. Those who drink should be old enough to understand the consequences of being under the influence.

October 21, 2016

Dear Future President:

Alcohol has caused a lot of problems in our society like drunk driving and even cancer. This has gotten worse over the several past years because more people can get their hands on it and transportation has become easier. There are car wrecks that happen all the time due to drunk driving. Everyone is impacted by this, not just the drunk person, but also anyone else around them. Sober people get killed from drunk drivers all the time. My sister got in a car wreck from drunk driving, so this hits close to home for me too. The drinking age needs to be raised because families don’t deserve to go through something like that.

One of the bigger causes of people dying is related to drunk driving. “Drunk drivers kill innocent people” ("A Fresh Outlook").  Wrecks have increased rapidly since teenagers could drive. We can stop this by monitoring the roads better.

“19% of car wrecks are impaired drivers” ( U.S health and human services). If you get pulled over when you are drunk, you can go to jail and your license will be suspended for a while. You could also get in a very serious wreck. It is not worth that just for one night of having fun. Change needs to happen because innocent kids are having their lives taken for a dumb choice.

Some may say that drinking under age is okay because a few other countries in the world allow drinking at such a young age and their are fewer problems. But maybe it’s the way their country is? Maybe they are just a safer country all around? This is not true because we are America, not everyone else in the world. We are all different from each other with different laws. It is a law for a reason; we are trying to keep people safe.

It is not worth the people dying or getting hurt just for one fun night of drinking. We could fix this by having breathalyzers in all cars. Young kids don’t have money to spend money on taxis, so they risk their life. It is clear that we should not be able to drink until we are at least 21, but it would not be a bad idea to raise it to only allow those who are truly mature enough to handle drinking to drink.

Drinking under the age of 21 is not worth it! Waiting until you are more mature is the better choice because then you know more about society, you are more grown, and you care more about life. Driving under the influence wouldn’t be such a common thing anymore because most of the people driving under the influence are 16-19. Finally, don’t risk your life or anyone else’s just from one bad choice that can be stopped! Thank you future President for taking the time to read my letter! Remember driving sober could save someone’s life.


Jenna Fluegeman

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