Nathan T. Ohio

Is All Hope Lost?

17% percent of the homeless population used to be in the military. This is a really big problem and we might not have very many people in the military when people realize what happens to people who didn't go to college before going into the military.

Dear Next President:

17% of our homeless population used to be in the military. The issue of homeless veterans has grown to enormous heights. The fact that citizens of the United States of America are out there risking their lives for the sake of keeping us all safe and then coming home to bankruptcy and devastation is outrageous. Just because they didn’t go to college and don’t have a very good resume doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of having jobs. If they don’t get jobs how do you expect them to get into college and get a higher paying job. They are treated horribly by everybody, including police officers. When police officers are out on the streets and see a homeless person asking them for money and they start yelling at them to get a job and actually start to get physical is where it starts to get out of hand and uncalled for.

People need to understand that it isn’t ok to treat people like trash just because they don’t have much money or are homeless especially when they are veterans but when a police officer does it, it makes people think it’s ok.

You may not think that this is not that big of an issue, but it really is. When people start to notice what is happening to the people that have served and contributed to our country they are going to realize that it is not worth the devastation and are going to turn away from their dreams of going into the military. After a while people are going to start to notice and then we will have very few people out there fighting for our rights and our country.

In conclusion, the fact that our veterans are out there serving our country and coming home to devastation and homelessness is not ok and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Also, when the families of the people that come home would be devastated that their sons or daughters or grand sons or grand daughters are out there homeless and they can’t help them. Please find it in your heart to help the people that have helped us for so long to stay alive and safe, stay away from homelessness and be safe in our country again. Give them money, give them something for them to stay on their feet. Give these people hope again and give our country a boost back into life. Thank you.



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