Rylee T. Ohio

Support Same Sex Marriage!

Have you ever wanted to go to a Pride Festival somewhere but you are too scared you will get judged? Do you want to follow in your favorite celebrities footsteps to come out and say you like someone of the same sex? Raise those rainbow flags because same sex marriage is here to stay and needs to be worldwide today!

Dear Next President:

It is often common in today’s society that same sex marriage is happening. If you could just consider trying your best to make same sex marriage legal everywhere,people would be overjoyed to finally get the respect they deserve. Here are some following reasons why.

The first reason same sex marriage needs to be spread world wide is because,people don’t need to be scared to go out in public with their boyfriend or girlfriend. The reason why? They don’t want to be embarrassed and get judged. Being a teenager in today’s generation, I know exactly what it’s like to be embarrassed and to not do something. If people just now accepted this as a regular thing in this generation,people would be happier showing their sexuallity.

The second reason same sex marriage needs to be world wide is because,children are now understanding sexuallity and want to show it. Children and teens today understand things about sexuallity and want to show it but are too scared because of what could happen. School’s today could find out and not let certain students in while their parents would mistreat them. But more importantly,children and teens are scared to show their sexuallity because of serious punishments. In other places of the world,children of any age who come out as a different sexuallity could get severly hurt and could possibly be killed. Same sex marriage spread world wide could save people’s lives,literally!

The next reason about world wide same sex marriage is of the impact it could cause. There are tons of celebrities who are married to,dating,or like someone of the same sex. An example of a celebrity who is all for same sex marriage is Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen is a talk show host who helps people in need,makes people laugh,and stars in TV shows and movies. Ellen has a huge impact in America for liking someone of the same sex. If even more celebrities came out and weren’t afraid,their fans who are also scared to come out can follow in their footsteps and embrace being happy with themselves.

The final reason same sex marriage needs to be world wide is because,the population could increase. More children would be adopted which would make so many people happy. If everyone was starting to adopt children more,orphanages wouldn’t be needed as much. There would also be tons of children who wouldn’t be depressed because they would have parents that would love and care so much for them.

Overall,if you could please do your best to make same sex marriage worldwide that would be a blessing.

Your’s Truly,


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