Noah H. Ohio

Police brutality

This letter explains how some people think that police officers are targeting a certain race.

Dear Future President,

There have been very bad conflicts between police officers and black people lately. Black people think they are getting arrested by police officers because of their skin color. Police officers think that they are just doing their job of keeping everyone out of danger. This is not making them happy so some black people have decided to fight back. This fighting back has resulted in many deaths. Both sides need to think about what they are doing and stop it. Stopping the fights is important because this problem could get out of hand if not controlled. Police officers ignore the fact that we are all equal reminding us of what our society has become.

We need to stop black people from rioting against police officers. Police officers are not targeting black people. They are targeting people who are breaking the law, black or white if you are breaking the law then they will arrest you. Every single day you see people being pulled over on the side of the road for doing something illegal like speeding. Not because they are black or white, but because they are putting people’s lives in danger.

Officers might also be arresting black people more than white people because of the black people’s actions. There are videos on the internet that show black people cursing police officers out or resisting to be arrested. There are even videos that show black people jumping on top of cop cars and causing damage to it. These actions could be happening because of the people’s background. Some of these young kids are growing up without parents in their life or even parents who are not always there for them. The kids never got to know right from wrong or manners or how to act civilized. It might not be all there fault, they might not know any better.

Although there are some black people who have done nothing wrong and are getting arrested. Some police officers need to own up to their mistakes and need to stop putting the blame on black people. I agree with the fact that everyone should get equal rights no matter their race. When a black person breaks the law and is arrested they should not blame it all on the police officer. Saying that they were arrested because of their skin color. Both side of the story are doing wrong things.

So Future President, Are you willing to let black people and police officers die over racism? That reminds us of the times of segregation where blacks did not have the rights white people had. Or are you going to take a stand and put a top to all this nonsense. If you do not then this problem will get worse and worse. Each time, making the outcome more and more dangerous. If you can make a change you could be a respected and loved president.


Noah H.

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Brookville 8th Grade Students

8th grade students at Brookville Intermediate School have been studying issues that are important to them. They are posting their letters to the next president in order to have a voice in the upcoming election.

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