Julia S. Ohio

What can we do to make rights equal for everyone?

The equal rights of people of different races, religions, and economic stances are questioned everyday. One day will the tables finally turn? Will everyone be treated equally? Will all people treat each other respectfully? is up to us, and you to make the changes in this world.

Dear Next President,

There are many problems that need to be considered, and I hope that in your presidency that you can provide answers for those questions.

The first issue, gun violence, deeply saddens the whole country, and innocent kids are getting shot on their front porches. Something needs to be done to stop this violence. Some of the gun violence is connected to police officers. When is it right to use weapons? There has been lots of controversy about police officers, and whether they are using their guns appropriately. I hope that in your presidency, you can stop the gun violence. Whether people think that guns should be banned completely, or that they should be used for self defense, you need to address this sad situation.

The next issue, is equal rights for people of all economical levels, and some argue that people in poverty need more attention and help. You need to give the same rights to everyone, no matter how much money they have. I hope that in your presidency that you will give the same rights and attention to people of all levels of economic classes.

Insurance and healthcare, very important to everyone so that they can get nescarry medications and medical attention, needs to be affordable for everyone. Families need health care and insurance, and so do older people, who may not have enough money to pay for it. Everyone may have some health issues or emergency in their life, and insurance has to cover the necessary problems. You need to change how the insurance companies judge what accidents/diseases are insured and which are not. The expenses of living, and paying for health care is very expensive, and something needs to be done about it to make it affordable.

In conclusion, I just really hope that you can make America united and strong. I want the problems that need resolving to be resolved, and I hope that we can be a peaceful country with no gun violence and fair treatment. I know you can’t make everything perfect, but I hope that you make everything a little bit better.

Sincerely, Julia 

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