Adoption is an Option

Should abortion be legal?

Dear Future Mister or Madam President,

I’m an eighth grade just like any other in the world, but unlike most kids my age, I am adopted. Unfortunately the rate of those being adopted is going down because of abortion. This is a problem that has been addressed in many different ways and by many different people, but this is an adopted child’s opinion. This rate is going down and that is not a good thing. Why would we let so many children die when we can give them new life through adoption?

Imagine yourself as a mom or dad waiting for a child that you maybe could or couldn’t have. You were waiting for that one call that would determine if you would be parents or not. Nowadays less and less people are getting that call because of abortion. The rate of children being adopted dropped from 90,000 to 80,000 by 2007. That’s a lot! Can you imagine those future families, if the rate keeps going down, that would never get that call? That would be the future if you don’t go and talk about it.

I think this problem would stop if you give a speech about abortion. That’s what I think is going to spread the word of how wrong abortion is. Since you are the president, you have power and people respect and listen to you. You can make so much of a difference by telling people how terrible abortion is and how adoption is an option. It’s not fair to the innocent children that are dying in the process.

Killing these children is wrong and needs to be stopped. Please be our leader and help stop abortion and make the world a better place with more adopted kids. Adoption is the only option.


(A Child Happily Living Her Life With Her Adopted Family)