Natalie pd.1 Arizona

Importance of the Environment

The environment is important to maintain so we can live in a healthy world.

Dear Next President,

To hold this position is of great honor and responsibility which must be congratulated. I wish you the best of luck in your performance. There must be certain topics addressed though, that cannot be ignored. It is of great concern, the condition which our environment is in.

Did you know that about 14 billion pounds of trash is dumped into the ocean every year? The ocean is a wondrous thing to behold. Beautiful underwater creatures inhabit the space that humans cannot venture to. So why do we poison such beauty? How do people see so little of a problem here? An easy way to help limit trash is to recycle. Recycling is not that hard to do and yet barely anyone does it or they wrongly dump trash into the recycling bins. Besides water pollution, the air quality is becoming worse and worse because of humans. As annoying and hot as the sun is, I do not want it to disappear. The air isn’t fresh anymore. What do you take a deep breath of, Next President? Gaseous polluted poisonous air. If we do not take care of our home planet, then soon enough, there will be nothing left to care for. I know humans cannot live forever, but I strongly hope our planet does. Doesn’t it disturb you to look at the streets, or homes, or plants, or anywhere, and see it tainted by discarded junk? To promote a less destructive way of living, stores could promote reusing fabric bags instead of using plastic bags for groceries. The store could tell its customers that if they bring their reusable bags, then they can get an item or two free, depending on how often they do it because the store will keep track. More environment friendly items should be sold and promoted among franchises. Another option is that instead of having the choice of taking two trash cans, every person should get one trash can and one recycling bin. Also schools could help promote a cleaner environment by showing kids at a young age how to love and respect the place in which they live. Maybe if the children are taught at a young age how much trash is affecting the world, they might care more and do something about it.

Please, consider what has been stated and try to understand how much it hurts me that our home is being destroyed by us. Many actions can be taken to addressed this serious issue. Please talk to your committees to do something about it.

Thank you so very much,


Natalie, period 1.