Hannah L. Ohio


Everyone should live and stay in the U.S. if they choose to do so.

October 21, 2016

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Immigration is important to me because I have German blood. My dad’s family is Native American and my mom’s name is German. We originated from a different country and being diverse in the US is a good thing because we all started from other countries. Everyone should live and stay in the U.S. if they choose to do so. I think we should have immigrants in the U.S. because we should be free to become a diverse community. People should have the right to stay at any other country if they think their current country is bad.

We should welcome everyone to the United States, no matter their place of origin. In 1965, Senator Edward Kennedy argued that, "Our streets may not be paved with gold, but they are paved with the promise that men and women who live here—even strangers and new newcomers—can rise as fast, as far as their skills will allow, no matter what their color is, no matter what the place of their birth." (Immigration Policy: Should the U.S. government provide undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship?) We can dream that we can reach new heights in our world, no matter what we look like or our origin of birth. We need to change the laws to allow them to come to America and not have restrictions on different races.

People are escaping war and life-threatening events from their country to come to a peaceful country. “Refugees differ from economic migrants, who leave their homelands to seek better job opportunities, rather than to escape life-threatening danger.” (Refugee Crisis: Should Europe and the United States accept more refugees from the Middle East and Africa?)

People from other countries would rather work and make money than suffer through gunfire and death. The U.S. need to accommodate foreigners with dozens of job opportunities so they can prosper throughout their lives.

Some people might say that terrorists are a big problem in the world and if they come into our country, they will cause mass destruction to our communities. Other people have different views of living in America. Wherever you go, you might walk past a terrorist, whether you know it or not. I believe there are a lot more people who come to America for job opportunities than to terrorize.

If immigrants come to America, it’s best to establish a security evaluation to check if any immigrants are terrorists. America needs to improve their security systems in their airports. As the new president, you should write new laws explaining terrorism and immigration policies.

People should feel free to move to the U.S. because I believe people should have the opportunity to live better lives. People don’t deserve to live in a war-ridden world. Thank you, Mr./Mrs. President, for taking the time to read my letter.

Hannah L.

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