Emily F. Ohio

Guns in Our World

All around the world their are guns, guns can be very harmful to many different things. Guns can also provide food and protection. Which one would you want in the world?

Dear Future President,

Everyone knows there are guns in the world, everyone knows that guns can hurt people. I may not know a whole lot about them, but I know the safety and I know what they can do. Guns are one of the biggest causes of murders and suicides. If you sell a gun to the wrong person, that person can do bad things with it. So should guns be handed to everyone? I think that all of this needs to change. After all, the world would be a safer place if less guns were around.

Guns are a big issue in the world, they are all over the world, and a lot of people have them. Some people use them for hunting so they can get food, but some use them for dangerous and stupid things. Guns are so out of hand, certain countries are teaching children to kill with guns, like 6 year olds. In certain places, even girls. No child, or anyone should be taught how to use guns for killing.

Most people in the U.S. own at least one gun in their home. A lot of people most likely own more than one though. I’m not saying take guns away from everyone and stop selling them, I’m trying to say start doing more to prevent more bad things involving guns. Start doing background checks on anyone who buys a gun or ammo. Make sure they are who they appear to be, if they appear to be some nice person who is against crime, make sure of it. The people who only own guns for hunting for food, or go to a shooting range to just have fun and don't mean any harm, don’t take guns away from them. That is what a background check would be for, if you check and they are good and not dangerous than they can own one. If they aren’t bad, don’t take the guns away, if they are, take them away.

Future President, guns are dangerous, and guns can do serious harm. But guns can also provide food for families. Guns are able to put some food on the table for kids, and families when they can't buy any. Guns also provide protection, like bears, wolves, coyotes. So what I am trying to say is make sure you know who you are giving the guns to. Make sure you check their past, make sure they are gun worthy. Guns can be useful, and guns can be dangerous, check before you sell.

President, this has become a big issue, I think we need to all take a stand, and make the world a safer place. This is our world, we need to keep it well and protected. So help our world be a better place. Don’t you think we should do something?