Myles Oklahoma

Stop the Tobacco Industry

Tobacco industries lie to consumers and the government and tobacco products cause over 500,000 deaths a year.

Dear Future President,

I believe it is in the best interest of many people in the U.S to stop the tobacco industry. The tobacco industry has lied to the government and the people of the U.S, has lobbied for their benefit, and causes over 522,000 deaths a year. This makes the fact that the tobacco industry still stands, let alone the fact that it makes 35.5 billion dollars each year, unreal and inexcusable. Although this is so, I believe that together as a nation we can save thousands of lives, reduce corruption in our government, and save the billions of dollars that are used on tobacco.

Many people suffer from the effects of smoking tobacco, including lung disease, cancer, blindness, and countless more awful and deadly symptoms. The second to worst part is that smoking is incredibly addictive, so even though smokers know that tobacco is unhealthy, they still smoke because they have no control. The worst part is the fact that tobacco companies know this and they take advantage of the fact that smoking is addictive. They donโ€™t care about our health. They just care about getting every last penny from us, even if it means causing people to get ill and die.

The tobacco industry is a powerful and manipulative industry. In 2015, they spent over 20 million dollars on lobbyists. This is what makes the tobacco companies so powerful and wealthy. I think if the citizens of the U.S boycott cigarettes and if you pass executive bills that restrict the power and the influence that the tobacco industry has on congress, we can definitely overcome the struggles that the tobacco industry has placed in front of us. This can be just another example of the great power of the U.S. Thanks for the consideration.



Classen School of Advanced Studies

Classen SAS 8th Grade English

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