Pierce Washington


We believe that the next president should address the problem of people suffering from smoking.

Dear Next President:

The smoking epidemic has caused many people young and old their lives. We now see how the older generations suffer with the long term side effects of smoking such as lung disease and cancer. We both watched our grandparents suffer from smoking inflicted cancer. We believe we are going to be the generation that ends smoking.

Individuals who smoke struggle with long term and short term effects of this addiction. Some short term effects of smoking are damage to respiratory system and heart, chronic cough, risk of addiction to other drugs, oral hygiene problems, and high costs for cigarettes take a toll on people's checkbooks. Long after people begin smoking they can face even more serious impacts such as heart disease, cancer, lung disease, birth defects, and a weakened immune system. These side effects are why we need to take action against smoking.

A world without smoking would be cleaner and healthier. The environmental impact of cigarette smoke affects far more than just people. It's been proven to make even animals sick, and promotes world wide pollution. The world would also be healthier if we took action against smoking, the risk of diseases like cancer and lung disease would be greatly reduced. People would live happier and healthier lives.

A solution to smoking starts with our generation, educating kids in school would prevent individuals from ever starting. Upping taxes would encourage people not to waste their money on the dangerous items. With improved education and financial risk people would be less likely to begin this addictive habit.

With the world clear of smoking the country can turn to more pressing issues, and have a healthier and cleaner society.

The president should start a campaign to end smoking, by personally endorsing an anti smoking education program. Also they should work to get a higher tax passed in Congress on cigarettes.


Pierce, Nathan

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Washington Middle School

Social Studies Period 1

8th Graders

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