Zeke, Ewan, & Estebane Oklahoma

Rethinking Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power is safe and doesn't damage the environment like other sources.

Dear future President,

In the coming years I implore you to address one of the most important sources of power in the United States: Nuclear Energy. Nuclear power is one of the largest sources of power in the United States, consisting of 17 percent of the nation’s power. Nuclear power is the safest form of power for the environment, because it produces less CO2 than other forms of power, such as Solar, Fossil Fuels, and Coal according to the Nuclear Energy Institute. It is also the safest form of power. According to WHO (World Health Organization), Nuclear Power has the lowest amount of deaths per kilowatt per hour.

Nuclear power is also very sustainable. Coal and other fossil fuels are limited resources that will inevitably run out. Sustainable energy sources such as tidal, solar, geothermal, and wind do not provide energy on the scale that nuclear does, and the two most popular forms, solar and wind, will not work all the time. Other sources of energy can break down easily over time, this can be caused by erosion, interference from wildlife, and malfunctions. Most Nuclear Power plants are a secure facility with little interaction from the elements. Therefore, there is a extremely small chance of the previous issues taking place.

To conclude, Nuclear power is more sustainable, safer and better overall than other forms of power. As such, I believe one of your goals as president should be to fund the creation of at least 20 plants over the next four years. As Michael Burgess has stated, “Nuclear power will help provide the electricity that our growing economy needs without increasing emissions. This is truly an environmentally responsible source of energy.”

Thank you for your time,

Zeke D., Ewan G., and Estebane R.

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