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Immigrants should have the right to be legalized

       What are your thoughts on immigration? Are you for it or against it? Usually people who come to the U.S are here for a purpose, and that purpose it to have a better life style. People usually come here to look for jobs so they can help their families with a stable income. They come here to find a better future for their kids. Immigrants are looking for the same thing as most Americans, so why discriminate if they are just looking for a better future? Immigrants should have the right to be legalized.

My family came to the U.S to look for a better future for me and my siblings. They want us to finish school and have a career. When they first came here it wasn't easy for them, because they didn't have the same privileges as U.S citizens, like finding a job so easily; they had to go through challenges to get there. They were lucky enough to find a job to provide for me and my siblings. My parents are hard working just like most immigrants who come here to provide for their families. I don't see why it bothers so many people, as they're are not doing anything wrong except wanting to succeed.

Immigrants have a hard time looking for jobs because they are required to be legalized. They are trying to maintain their family's  stability. I understand that some don't have their college degrees or a high school diploma, but it's because most of them had to start working since they were little to keep their families going, so why deny a job to them just because they are not from here?  As long as they are doing the job then I really don't see what the problem is. Education is not easy for immigrants either. The people that come to the U.S with little kids only want their child to have a exceptional future, so they won't have to suffer like their parents. It's also hard for the kids to go to college because they don't have legal status. Why stop the people that are trying to get degrees and be successful? Yes, we have some rights to be able to go to college, but there are still some restrictions.

Some people don't want immigrants to get legalized because they think we will take advantage of the rights that are given to us. I believe most immigrants are just striving to keep their families going. I'm not saying that there won't be people who try to be abusive of the rights that are given, but not all people are like that. Most people discriminate against Mexicans because they think they will only cause trouble and bring drugs, but  most of them are not all like that, so why restrict everybody if only certain people do. In order to keep our country safe, The U.S. citizenship and immigration services can do a background check on who they are granting rights to.

In conclusion, immigrants should have their opportunity to be granted the same rights as citizens. They are human beings, so why discriminate, as long as they are not hurting anyone or anything. They want to achieve and be successful. People tend to get mad because they say that immigrants are stealing their jobs, when in reality they are just taking the jobs that can be offered to them, and they are trying to get a stable income, so nobody is stealing the job, They don't steal jobs, they go out and work. Immigrants are human beings;they are capable of becoming someone. They don't need a piece of paper to define what they are worth, but they should have the rights as anybody else. Being an immigrant can be a obstacle to achieving what we want and need, so please take into consideration supporting a path to legalization for all immigrants.

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