Hlee V. Oklahoma

Lowering College Tuition

College tuition has been getting out of control. Some students don't even go to college because the tuition is too high. College tuition keeps rising and rising and not getting lower and lower. If the president were to get behind lower tuition and fees then the students who have dreams could accomplish those dreams.

 Dear Next President,  

      College tuition has risen throughout the years. Not all parents have enough to pay for their kids’ college tuition. Students with financial problems end up not going to college because of the cost. Usually they get a job they don't like. According to the College Board, it said that "the average 2014-2015 tuition increase was 3.7 percent at private colleges and 2.9 percent at public universities." It has risen so much and will probably keep going up as the years go by. I believe that if colleges lowered their tuition and fees they would gain more and more new students each year.

       In an article called "Tuition Fees Can Be Lowered," it stated "Collin County Community College experienced an 18 percent enrollment increase."  After lowering their college tuition they were able to increase their enrollments. With college tuition fees rising up not only are students affected, but also colleges. You may be asking me how. Well, here's the answer: it's because if their tuition is too high there won't be any new students coming. I've actually had a similar experience where my sister got accepted to The University of Oklahoma, but she couldn't go because it was too expensive. Some students would end up in debt because of taking out a loan to help pay for their tuition.

       Those students who couldn't go to college because of the price would've been our new doctors, new nurses, new teachers, new firefighters, or new police officers. Some end up working at not so well paying jobs or a job they don't really like doing.  According to "How Much Does College Really Cost," it says that "students at public schools can expect to pay an average of $8,887 and those at private schools will pay an average of $10,089 per year." This is only to pay for your housing and meals, so depending on how long you stay in college it could cost you a lot. 

      People who would disagree with lowering the college tuition prices are the government. In an article "Why the Government Won't Let Colleges Reduce Tuition," it says "By law, such a move would constitute price fixing, even though a conspiracy to reduce prices would be a boon for customer." Changing the law so they could reduce college tuition would cause a change in the laws. If I could I would tell the government and the congressmen to lower the prices, because everyone wants to have a good career; not everyone wants to work someplace they don't like. Everyone deserves a chance to attend college and reach their dreams so they have a job they enjoy.  

       Tuition, housing, and meals are not the only things you have to pay for. You have to pay for your textbooks and those are not cheap at all unless you are able to find used ones online, at the library, or from someone who has already taken that class. In the article "How Much Does College Really Cost," it tells you how much you'd be spending each year for textbooks: "The average yearly cost of books for college students is $1,200." It still depends on how long you're staying in college, because you could be spending a lot on just textbooks. I think that if the college tuition price keeps increasing students will not want to go college anymore. Sometimes I look at the college prices and almost faint because it's so expensive. Getting scholarships does help, but not that much because sometimes they only pay for your first year. 

      In conclusion, if you could, please support lowering college tuition and fees. Not every parent has enough money to pay for every child they have. Students who couldn't go to college because of financial problems never get to accomplish their dreams. If we were to lower college fees then it would help those students accomplish those dreams and live their lives doing something they enjoy. Remember, those students who didn't get the opportunity to go college could've been our new doctors, new nurses, new teachers, new policeman or woman, new firefighter, but they couldn't because the college tuition is way too high. Do you really want your people to not accomplish their dreams and live doing what they enjoy doing, or would you rather have them at a low paying job and not enjoy themselves for the rest of their lives? I really don't think you'd want that; you're a president, so you should want everyone in your country to accomplish their goals, right? College tuition has gotten out of hand and students who have dreams cannot accomplish them because of the high prices. Lowering college tuition and fees would be a big help to everyone, especially to the parents because they wouldn't have to spend so much on their kids college fees.  


East Central High School - Tulsa

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