Brayden B. Oklahoma

Dear Mr/Madam President

The 2nd amendment

Dear Mr/Madam President

There are a few things I would like to see change in America. one of the biggest things to me is the 2nd Amendment. I believe these are issues that we have had for way too long and need to be resolved once and for all.

Gun control is a huge issue. I feel that It needs to be accepted that owning a firearm is a right we have as Americans. The second amendment has been in the constitution since it was written, everyone should stop trying to change it. I believe that background checks are necessary, and yet if the store manager has any questions or suspicions they must have a medical record investigation to insure that the person purchasing the firearm is in full mental health. Instead of trying to get rid of guns we should be encouraging people to get more guns, and for more people to get open or concealed carry licenses. The only thing that can stop a burglar with a gun is another person that also has a gun. People need to realize this, that's why we have the police, but unfortunately a cop can't always be there and that's the purpose of a CC license.

Statistics show that if you set a limit people will try to push said limit

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