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My letter to our new president


Dear Mr/Mrs President of The United States

I am Dewey Leniger from Guthrie Oklahoma at Guthrie high school and I would like to take up some of your time to question things that you are gonna do for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. I would like to know if you plan on withdrawing most of the troops that remain in the country or intend to send more to support the current troops already stationed there.

With the fact that you will be inheriting the Iraq and Afghanistan campaign I think it would be wise to do your best to hold down the two countries with the revived Taliban and ISIS out there today. It will only get harder to remove the threat to our national security and every other country's security as well. With all of these issues popping up outside our borders and even inside our borders it’s a legit question while this war carries on what else will carry on too. The country's immigration problem is a concerning issue as well.

With the threats we've been receiving from terrorist groups like ISIS and the newly revived Taliban we are still allowing Muslims into the country. Taking a huge risk of letting a terrorist walk straight into this country without even a second glance. But that doesn't matter to the government. Yall preach gun control but allow potential terrorist into the country the two things contradict each other. If you're actually worried about securing the nation then if you were actually successful in cracking down on our gun laws making it nearly impossible for a law abiding CITIZEN to get a gun then why continue to allow islamic/muslim ethnic groups into our country's borders with a blindfold over your eyes just hoping they don't do something that will harm our people. People like our previous president and a bunch of people who have grown up in Chicago and some of the other more urban cities/states. Barack Hussein Obama supposedly grew up in Chicago so when he thinks of guns he thinks of gangs with gun violence and less about people who use them as a hobby such as hunting or just collecting and for firing range purposes only. It just doesn't occur to him that guns aren't the issue it's the people behind the guns that are the issue people with mental illness such as a schizophrenic can be very Harmful with a firearm without a doubt but that doesn't mean that everyone in the united states needs to struggle so much just so they can do the hobby that they want to. As the right of being Americans we've got the right to do what we want when we want but we also have the right to accept the consequences of doing nothing but what i want. And with the government trying to restrict the availability of firearms it's going to slash my hobby straight out of my life. And with any luck Donald Trump will receive presidency this election, and we won't have to surrender our firearms because we all know if Hillary gets it she's going to push and push and push to get our 2nd amendment rights revoked as long as she goes through congress with it she can revoke the 2nd amendment and make a new amendment for firearms and we all know what that's going to be.

I agree with Trump's plans to cease all refugees trying to enter America I do believe even though it will make so many people angry. It really is best for our country to halt the immigration of Muslims. Now with that being said I do not agree with halting the Mexican refugees wanting to enter America a lot of them work very well. My only issue with them is when they enter the US illegally. Making them illegal aliens. If they have nothing to hide and just want a better life for their family then why go through all sorts of trouble to get into the States illegally instead of just doing what needs to be done in a process to get the whole family into America. I pretty much combined my letter to you from three articles I've read and after I read them then I commenced to typing this letter. I’ve read some pretty interesting articles a lot more articles than I was supposed to before I typed this but I've read some that have swaddled my opinions on things and read some that have strengthened my opinions on subjects as well. I still stand strong believing that we don't need stricter gun laws and we don't need to be allowing Muslims to seek refuge in our country.

I see it as highly irresponsible for the US government to continue to allow Islamic immigration. I'm sorry for being so aggressive in my letter but these specific issues have caught my eye and I've been paying attention to for many of years. To see where everything was going and hoping our country would just fix it. But at this point I've lost hope for any such thing to actually happen.

I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this letter Mr/Mrs. President



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