Andres M. Oklahoma


I am going to talk about abortion. I believe that abortion is not a good idea.

Dear Future President, 

     I want to tell you about abortion. Abortion is a big thing, and I believe it shouldn't happen. Birth control is a much better solution. According to WKRM in Nashville, in January, Oregon became the first state to offer birth control at a pharmacy without a prescription. Birth control is a much better solution than unwanted pregnancy and  then abortion.

     If more people invest money in taking birth control, there will be less need for abortion. Also, it will be easier for moms and teens to get birth control and not have to have an abortion. If we make it easier for moms and teens to get birth control there will be less need for abortions. The U.S can also save money if moms and teens have fewer abortions by taking birth control.

     I am also opposed to abortion because it can be so dangerous for women. According to Wikipedia Dr. Gosnell was arrested and charged for the murder of  patients as well as 7 babies. He gave abortions seven, eight, and nine months into the pregnancies. Patients also died under Gosnells care during the abortion. Women can die during abortions; they are not very safe when the woman is well into the pregnancy. I believe abortions shouldn't happen.  I want the president to make it harder for women and teens to get an abortion.

East Central High School - Tulsa

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