Evelyn H. & Kelly B. Oklahoma

Animals Deserve Protecting, too!

Some farm animals right here in America suffer from abuse and unsanitary conditions.

Dear Next President,

Do you own any pets? You probably in the least like some animals. How would you like it if your animals were abused right in front of you? Nobody would like that, but that is what is happening to the animals in the farms, right here in the United States. They hurt them just because it’s convenient for them, but you can help stop it.

In the United States there aren’t many laws protecting the animals. There is really only one, against certain cages for the animals, but the other so called law only helps the farmers, the law makes it illegal to document or report abuse. In America over 500 million acres are used for animals breeding but only about 120 miles are used for grazing. That means there is a total of 380 acres that are unaccounted for. Most farms don’t care about the state of their animals, because it doesn’t matter as long as they get money for them. There are so many animals that are abused in America and no seems to be able to do anything. The government passes laws, so that they can’t do anything about it.

As soon as the animals are born they are shoved into cages with less than a square foot of space for them. All they smell for their entire life is their own feces. There is no lighting, and they live in complete filth and darkness, not knowing anything better. For hens they stack their cages on top of each other and they have slits on them so when they defecate, it falls through the slits, but it just falls onto the hens underneath them. They get to live their lives covered not only in their own, but some other hens fecal matter. It becomes practically a second skin. Many animals due to the vast amount of growth hormones and antibiotics, weigh more than have what they should, but they don’t have any muscle, due to never getting to move more than their cage lets them.

Even though there are 120 miles or so used for grazing, most animals don’t even get to see the sun, let alone feel grass. Some animals like cows are allowed to go outside, but only once that is to be herded to their slaughter. All animals are on a strict diet, that is made only to fatten them and keeping them from getting any bad diseases that could be contagious, but don’t get it wrong most animals are riddled with infection. Many large animals like cows and pigs become so weak from lack of exercise and movement that they collapse under their own weight, and can’t even stand. Company’s shouldn’t be able to brag that they treat their animals right. It should be a common sense to treat them right. Why do they get an award for doing what is right. They should do it in the first place. The worst thing is they’ll do anything to get a good reputation, enough to give 37 million pounds of downed-cow beef to the free or reduced lunch program in South Korea. Once someone found out, they sold the company to pay the fines, but it still gave many South Koreans Mad Cow disease.

We push animals so much for our personal gain it’s awful,but I’m not saying that we should all be vegetarians, but we should treat them better. Anyways would you like to eat something that has spent it’s whole life in a cage full of it’s own feces. What about if it was bruised and infected? No one would want to eat something if they knew it had happened. That’s why we want people to know how their food is treated. Then will they want to eat.


Evelyn H. and Kelly B.

Classen School of Advanced Studies

Classen SAS 8th Grade English

Students from Ms. Sutton's 8th grade English classes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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