Katie Reeder Wisconsin

Student Debt Crisis

The cost of college continues to rise, and shows no signs of leveling off. This limits who can receive higher level education.

Dear Future President,

Since 1995, “in-state tuition and fees at public National Universities grew... increasing a staggering 296 percent” (U.S. News). What does this mean for students? DEBT. An average college graduate has about $29,000 worth of debt. About 60% of all college students graduate with debt. Because of this, many students are turned away from attending college. Until something is done to address this issue, students will continue to be hurt by the costs of education.

Many people believe that college should only be for the students who want to achieve greater levels of knowledge and are willing to put forth the effort and money. These are the people who are usually able to find a way to tackle the absurdly high prices. Colleges have also found a way to find out your average income and are able to charge the more wealthy a higher ticket price. They then charge the less wealthy a smaller amount, and put some of the money paid by the wealthy to enhance their education and fill in the blanks. Although this can be good, this can be considered as price discrimination. This also sets a limit on who can obtain higher level of education. The majority of students take out loans. This is a direct route to debt adding up.

The cost of college tuition should be greatly reduced so that everyone has the opportunity to gain greater education and skills. The government wants to be able to hire well qualified workers, and in order for this to happen, people need to go through college. To be able to have more students attend college, the price needs to be reduced to attract everyone. Not only do individuals suffer from an educational loss, the economy around them does as well. Everyone should be able to obtain higher education, and shouldn’t be limited due to a price point. The entire country will support you in this action. Get out and get kids in college!


Katie Reeder

Sun Prairie High School

Ap Lang and Comp 4

Advanced Placement Language and Composition students.

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