Ariel D. Wisconsin

Abortion: Pro-Life

Abortion has been a big issue for so many years. There's about 50 million abortions per year. Nearly half of pregnancies in women were unintended and 4/10 of those are terminated by abortion. We need to make a change and stop taking innocent babies lives.

Dear President,

 A confusion that people have is that life starts at the moment of conception. A lot of scientists would agree with that because it's fact based, however there is a percentage of people who believe it's not real. A website called says that, "A new human being comes into existence at the fusion of the egg and the sperm. The new human being develops through stages, and at each stage of human development- zygote, embryo, fetus, neonate, infant, child, adolescent, adult- the individual is a human being. There is no scientific debate about this." By aborting a baby you technically are taking an innocent baby's life. 

 Sometimes a woman's pregnancy could be unintentional by rape or tragic by the baby having a birth defect. Birth defects are the reason for over 6% of abortions. Just because your baby has an issue going on does not mean that you should abort it. You can't fix one tragedy with another. That only causes bigger problems. As the website states, "Parents facing a difficult prenatal diagnosis must be given real facts and directed to others with helpful experiences. They must not be forced into a quick choice about abortion or urged to take the life of their child instead of giving her a chance to defy the odds. Women with high-risk pregnancies must be treated by real medical professionals. But treatment does not include intentionally killing a child." We can't deny the fact that a human being is possibly being murdered. 

 My last point is that abortion actually affects a woman's mental and physical health. There's been plenty of research on this and how it can be tearing women down. As stands on their information, "Women who have had abortions suffer an increased risk of anxiety, depression, and suicide. A study published in a recent edition of the Journal of Anxiety Disorders found that women who aborted their unintende kd pregnancies were 30 percent more likely to subsequently report all the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder than those women who had carried their unintended pregnancies to term." About 25% of women were reported to talking to a psychiatrist after having an abortion. There's so many more reports of mental health issues after abortions, but there's also physical issues as well. Placenta Previa is condition where the placenta lays exceedingly low in the uterus. This means that the placenta is basically covering the opening to the cervical canal which could possibly suffocate the baby or mother. Chances of this happening is increased after having an abortion, which causes your next chance at having a baby being in the mindset that something could happen to it due to Placenta Previa.

My main idea is to just spread awareness to others that abortion is a real life issue and there are ways to stop it. Also let everyone know that there can be consequences to having an abortion. 

                                                    Sincerely, Ariel Day

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