Maddie A. New York

College is too Expensive

Will average Americans like me be able to afford a college education?

Dear Mr./Mrs. Future President ,

Hello I am Maddie, and I am a freshman in high school. I believe the cost of college is very expensive and it should be lowered. The price of college affects many people such as high school students thinking of attending college , former college students , and parents/guardian. College tuition is very expensive and many people have trouble paying for it. Prices of college are skyrocketing. The price goes up almost every year, which is a problem for many American families. College tuition has been rising almost 6% above the rate of inflation. For some parents, they cannot afford to send their children to college. 

But if the student did get to attend college , they may have a great impact on the world. The person could find a cure for cancer and many other diseases. But no one would know because that person couldn't afford the outrageous price of college. Lowering college prices could benefit the country and it would be much more affordable for a valuable education. College prices are only affordable to mostly the rich , but I think the average Americans need to be considered. 

I am an average American , I am not rich and I am not poor. I would like to get a great education at a great college. I want to be able to pay for college, because education is very important. I have a brother who is also a high school student, and my parents want both of us to go to a good college . College for one person is expensive, but for two people? That is very hard to pay for. Tuition costs could affect my decision or what college I want to go to. I don't want the price of a college to be the reason I decline a good school. Please consider introducing policies geared towards lowering college prices , thank you.

Sincerely ,


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