Amber C. Wisconsin


Abortion should be illegal because of all of the harmful effects on women, families, and babies.

Dear Future President,

I think that you should make abortion illegal and stop the murder of innocent babies. One reason I think you should make abortion illegal is that it kills innocent babies and it kills them in cruel ways. I think this because abortion doctors kill unborn babies by inserting a tube into the woman and then into the baby and they suck ot the baby’s spine through the tube so that it dies. Another way they kill the child is by tearing apart their limbs so that they can get it out of the woman. Lastly doctors inject poison into the baby so that his/her heart stops. This is very cruel and you should put an end to it.

Another reason why you should make abortion illegal is it affects women. Abortion affects women because the majority of women who have had abortion suffer mental illnesses such as major trauma and stress because they have so much regret. Many of the women that have an abortion end up getting married later in life and having children and the abortion affects their relationship with their family and friends. Many women say that they can never look at their children the same after having an abortion. Jill Marquis said that it was “devastation that you had no idea could even exist.” Lastly abortion affects women because it is linked to breast cancer and hundreds of women die during the procedure. Abortion is cruel to babies, and it puts many women at risk.

The last reason you should make abortion illegal is because babies can feel the pain of abortion. Many abortion doctors say that when they are performing the procedure, they see the baby flinch or curl in pain as they are being poked with needles. If any person was having a surgery they would be put under so that they wouldn’t feel any pain, so why is it that when doctors are killing a baby they just do it, not caring if the baby feels any pain because they are dying anyways. I think that is cruel, and even though the baby is not born yet doesn’t mean they can’t feel pain.

Sincerely, Amber C.