Hannah S. Wisconsin

Gun Control in America, the Controversial Issue

Gun violence has proven to be a pressing issue over the past few years in the United States. The United States should impose stricter gun laws in order to combat the issue of gun violence.

Dear Future President,

Gun violence has proven to be a pressing issue over the past few years in the United States. Recently, there have been many issues surrounding the topic of gun violence resulting in the controversial question: should the country impose stricter gun laws? Imposing stricter gun laws is the one solution that makes most sense to combat gun violence, while still protecting American's Second Amendment right. 

I propose that the government imposes stricter gun laws by making it more difficult for people to purchase firearms, so that not just anyone is able to get their hands on a lethal weapon so easily. Additionally, families with young children must be required to keep guns put away safely and unloaded. By doing this, the country can avoid thousands of deaths by young children playing around with guns. According to "15 Statistics That Tell the Story of Gun Violence This Year", "Unsecured guns have turned dozens of toddlers into killers — and many more into victims." By simply keeping guns in a safe place where children will not be able to access them, people can avoid their children becoming killers, or worse, victims. 

Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter, was able to walk out with an AR-15 type rifle the same day he bought it. Mateen was even investigated by the FBI twice for suspected ties to terror networks, however, he still was not restricted from buying a gun after complying with Florida law of a three day waiting period and a background check. According to "Orlando Shooter Bought Gun Legally, Store Owner Says", "The federal government has no way to prevent terror suspects from purchasing weapons." Additionally, the Everytown for Gun Violence research group found that, "People on the terror watch list attempted to buy firearms or explosives 2,233 times between 2004 and 2014, and were successful 91% of the time." The fact that people who are on the terror watch list are able to purchase a firearm or explosive the majority of the time is absurd. 

I understand that people enjoy having guns for recreational uses, nonetheless, this hobby should not be able to compromise the safety of American citizens. Upstanding citizens who wish to use guns for recreational uses should still be able to access guns. To keep the country safer, however, the government should impose stricter gun laws by including thorough background checks and a longer waiting period before receiving a firearm. Additionally, there must be laws to require the safety of guns in households by keeping weapons in a safe and unreachable place when there are children present. Finally, people on the terror watch list should not have access to guns in order to prevent certain attacks such as the Orlando nightclub shooting. Therefore, I implore you, Mr/Mrs. President, to consider enforcing stricter gun laws for the safety of the American people.


Hannah S.