Alec A. Wisconsin

Animal Abuse

Why we should put a tighter hold on preventing animal abuse.

Dear Mr./Madam President,

            I think that further efforts need to be made to prevent animal cruelty and abuse. 

One reason I say this is because animals are being harmed and in most cases killed for either no reason, or their owner is having personal problems and are taking it out on their pets. The majority of animal abusers end up later hurting themselves or other humans, which is not ok. And, most violent and aggressive criminals often started out by abusing their pets. Think of how many criminals we could´ve stopped if we prevented them from hurting their animals first.

Another reason I am against animal abuse is because obviously, animal abuse is illegal anywhere in the country, and yet, people continue to do it anyway for various reasons. Many humans that are abused by someone in their family stay in their household because they are afraid for their pets. It is really bothersome because often times people abuse or neglect animals because they see animals as objects instead of living creatures with their own personal feelings.

My final reason why I think we need further animal abuse prevention is because people are hurting animals, often while they KNOW itś hurting the animal in any way, which is very disturbing. Companion animals such as dogs and cats are most likely to be abused. Sometimes people who hurt or abuse other humans are also hurting their animals, like I mentioned, but some of the time the abused humans get in the way of the abuser just to protect their animals.

 I have a dog, and I've had two others before that, and I don't have a single friend who doesn't have a pet in their household, and I just can't imagine seeing any of those animals be abused.There are many resources to use to prevent animal abuse around you, and we should continue to add an use those resources to make further efforts to prevent animal cruelty and abuse.


                         Alec A.